Claire Robinson

Director of Sustainable Business Consulting

Claire brings over 20 years' Digital Transformation experience to the table, having consulted for Public, Private and Third sector clients including DWP, DfE, UKTI, Cancer Research UK, NSPCC, Unilever, British Gas, Toyota Lexus, Barclays & LLoyds Banking Group.

Her purpose is to help organisations to become measurably net positive across all relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals. Going beyond 'doing no harm', Claire works to embed purpose and holistic working practices across organisations so they can mitigate future risks and deliver more active good to communities and future generations.

Passionate about implementing inclusive and sustainable business practices, her experience spans value propositions, customer experience and service design through to employee experience, operating models and business models, weaving pluriversal, circular thinking throughout.

A firm believer in partnerships and collaboration across industries and sectors, Claire employs systems thinking to solve complex, thorny problems to navigate a safe and sustainable path for future humans.

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