Our practices: How we build your team


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We've built deep expertise in a range of critical disciplines. But our five practices are the opposite of silos - they're interconnected capabilities that energise each other.

Work with us and we'll assemble a team of diverse talents, perspectives, experiences and interests. It's the fastest route to fresh, creative work (and it's a lot more fun).

The goal isn't to create work for ourselves, it's to build great things, then transfer skills and tools to your teams so you continue to fly.

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Technology: Better ways to do important things

Because we do so many interesting projects, we attract the very best talent - people excited by cutting edge software design, agile processes, microservices and adaptable frameworks. Those are serious strengths to bring to things like:

  • Solution design
  • Software engineering
  • Data management
  • DevOps & QE
  • Continuous integration

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Service Design: Start with your users

We use research, analysis and insight to keep everything focused on the user - whether that's a customer, a citizen or internal stakeholders. That means we do a lot of:

  • Qual and quant research
  • Research design and analytics
  • Workflow and journey mapping
  • Behavioural science
  • UX, UI and content design

Data icon

Data: Listen harder. Act faster.

Rearview mirrors are good things. But predictive analytics is an even more powerful tool. The data is there. The insights are waiting. Here's how we'll go in and get them:

  • Analytics - digital, operational and marketing
  • Predictive modelling
  • CRM strategy and implementation
  • Campaign execution
  • AI and machine learning
  • Data quality, privacy and governance

Change and Delivery icon

Change & Delivery: Transformation that sticks

Real change happens when you bring people along with you. We think a lot about delivery models, knowledge transfer and change management so you're left with the capabilities you need to keep the flywheel spinning:

  • Business analysis
  • Product management and ownership
  • Delivery management
  • Change management
  • Delivery modelling
  • Ways of working

Strategy icon

Strategy: Where you are and where you're going

Real change starts with a tight, focused strategy. So before the coding starts, we invest a lot of time, energy and resources on things like:

  • Trend mapping and horizon scanning
  • Commercial analysis and goal setting
  • Proposition definition
  • Technology review and selection
  • Roadmapping and implementation planning
  • Stakeholder alignment