Why pronouns?

Normalising the expression of pronouns is a real step towards inclusivity at work and beyond.

Sharing your pronouns in your email signature and on your profiles does two important things:

1) It signals to people that you are not going to make assumptions about their gender

2) It helps people understand how to address you personally

With one simple action, expressing the pronoun you are comfortable with, you will empower those that may find it difficult. It's then a case of applying what you've learned about somebody to make them feel comfortable.

Here’s a simple guide on how to use pronouns you might be unfamiliar with. In this example the person identifies as they/them/theirs, but you can sub in any set of pronouns:

They booked a meeting room on 5th.

She tried to convince them to leave early for prosecco at The Green Man.

Their favourite desk is on 3rd by the window.

The Transform water bottle is theirs.

She thinks highly of them.