Utilities & Infrastructure

The age of the 'smart utility' is here, offering benefits from connected technology and data in customer experience, operational resilience and efficiency, demand and supply management.

We're specialists in helping water and energy companies unlock these benefits from executing data strategies, implementing predictive analytics and AI, enabling cloud migration to adopting the ways of working which underpin and sustain it.

While imperatives for change are immediate, we know that the shift to smarter, connected operations is not big bang. It involves leveraging your existing data and technology, realising early value and over time establishing new technology and people capabilities.

Contact us today to see how our experts from strategy to delivery can help you in your journey.

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We're proud to be officially registered and approved as a data and tech consultancy supplier on the Achilles Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB).

What is the UVDB?

You probably already know about the UVDB but if you're new the sector, it brings together utility companies and suppliers. Here, utility buyers can seek out contracts from pre-qualified and audited suppliers. It's not just about finding opportunities; it's a place where suppliers like us can showcase our skills, connect with buyers in the utility sector, and overall make our mark.

In the current business landscape, having visibility and transparency in the supply chain is more crucial than ever. The UVDB plays a significant role in reducing risks and giving buyers more control. To get on board, suppliers, including Transform, go through a process where we prove that our processes and services are top-notch through a pre-qualification questionnaire and a Verify Audit.

What does the UVDB mean to Transform?

Getting UVDB registration is essentially a gold star for our policies, procedures and the services we offer. Think of it as a 'rubber stamp' alongside our other accreditations, showing that we operate to a certain standard.

And this stamp means we can keep delivering our services to both existing and new clients in the UK utility industry. Thanks to the UVDB community, we're bringing our expertise to the table in various services, including:

  • IT Consultancy
  • Software Development Services
  • Software Support Services
  • Data Collection & Handling Services
  • Change Management Consultancy
  • Corporate Planning & Strategy Consultancy

If you’re a utility organisation, looking for a pre-approved supplier of data and tech consultancy services, you can find us on Achilles with our ID: 00113727, or get in touch if we’re not coming up as a match and you think we should be.

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