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Retail & Consumer

Transforming retail is at the heart of our heritage

Whether that's taking Argos from pencils to digital, helping Avon equally support sales reps and customers, or pioneering data and insight programmes for the world's largest Swedish home furniture retailer, we understand both the complexity and simplicity of retail in the digital age.

What does that mean?

  • Starting with the customer – we anchor change in the customer value chain and use data, insight and experience to meet evolving customer needs. At Transform we go beyond what it looks like, to focus on how it works using human-centred systems thinking methods to blueprint the whole experience, inside and out. Our expertise means we know retailers can achieve marginal gains through tweaking the user-interface, but the significant upsides come from addressing the entire user-experience. [Talk to us about our Customer & Process Blueprinting] 

  • Unified commerce & pragmatic architecture – we advocate for best-in-class based on composable technology, headless architecture and micro-services delivered using agile and product. But we're also realists, with enough experience of retail to understand that there's always a compromise between solutions, legacy and cost. We help our retail clients work out the best approach for them so they can continue to prioritise customer and commercial outcomes as their technology evolves. [Talk to us about Modern Architecture & Migration] 

  • Speed to value - retail has long had a complex eco-system which only gets more complicated as digital, data and now AI are overlaid. One of the most common client scenarios we're asked about is planning and prioritisation, “With so much that we could / should / would like to do – where do we start?”, often causing a paralysis of inaction with roadmaps started but not completed. At the same time, there's a simplicity that remains at the core of retail – right place, right person, right product… at the right price. We work with retailers to align strategy to both customer needs and delivery roadmaps, aligning on speed to value and cutting through the noise of woulda shoulda coulda to get to clarity and direction. [Talk to us about Modern Architecture Discovery]

  • Data & AI impact and opportunity – we've been working with clients on getting their data in order for years, in retail this means focusing on single customer view, common data platforms and CRM to power performance marketing and personalisation. Retail has the same challenges as many industries – an abundance of data and a lack of connection. We believe that data remains an untapped asset for many retailers, especially those opportunities presented by AI to connect previously disparate data sources across customer, transactions and stores. Starting with data discovery audits, to data & architecture strategies, through to AI impact and opportunity assessments, we want to help unlock that potential.

We’re passionate about retail, thriving on the opportunity to help you optimise, accelerate or transform your digital, data and tech journey. Why not let us show you how.

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