Arcadia: eCommerce fulfilment evaluation

Arcadia approached Transform to independently validate the feasibility of a suggested fulfilment solution and identify other opportunities. Increased efficiencies and low stock levels and operational costs were essential requirements.

What we did and how

We analysed how Arcadia's proposed model compared to industry best practice, and considered how the solution could be implemented to provide optimal efficiency. Other opportunities for improvements to the solution were identified, including suggestions for alternative approaches for the specific requirements of each Arcadia brand.

Arcadia was able to progress with its plans without reservation as a result of our careful investigation and consequent recommendation.

“The team defined and followed the brief very well. The deliverable was well-written, well-structured and with good content.” David Hale, Head of Supply Chain Systems Development


  • The Arcadia approach was validated as being in line with best practices within the industry
  • Additional opportunities were identified including improved on-line stock availability, simplified product flow for lead lines and best-selling products and an optimised, common inventory
  • Alternative options for wave management and labour scheduling were also identified


Argos: Integrated multi-channel

Transform was approached to support Argos in its bid to remain ahead of the market through the ongoing development of its multi-channel strategy.

What we did, and how

Transform’s approach was inclusive and collaborative, drawing on expertise within Argos as well as looking externally for market and customer insight. Step change propositions were identified, rather than focusing on organic channel development. Transform provided a team of experts in business analysis, user experience design and project management to work alongside the Argos IT development team.

The provision of dedicated teams enabled the delivery of these new channel initiatives at pace.

“Transform brings the expertise to shape our thinking and our approach in the right way. ” Adrian Burleton, Director New Business and Multi-channel


  • Defining next 3 years of multi-channel – now accounting for 51% of sales
  • Delivered m-web, iPhone, Android and iPad – over 12% of sales are now mobile
  • Introduction of one-click reservations – unique in the market
  • Launched Argos TV

Barclays: Multi-channel mortgages

Barclays wants to become the ‘Go-To Bank’ for mortgages. Transform was asked to help develop a fresh approach to designing mortgage services that are customer focused, with a multi-channel experience.

What we did, and how

Our core team of customer and multi-channel experts worked across the whole Barclays Retail organisation to understand the main customer, organisation, process and technology issues. We identified areas of opportunity and created a practical framework for providing an excellent customer experience. This framework was used to educate staff, build a multi-channel strategy and define new digital services.

“Transform team gave us significant impact from its customer-centric, multi-channel design expertise in a way that we can use for our business.” Sean Gilchrist, MD Digital


  • A pragmatic project plan and business case for three major initiatives that could transform the mortgage business. Our approach meant we were able to re-use the wealth of existing knowledge, integrate existing initiatives, and bring the vision to life through detailed customer journeys and rapid prototyping
  • The framework has provided Barclays with a practical understanding of how to build new initiatives that put customers at the heart of the business. This included a series of prototypes that are now being used to educate staff on example outputs that highlight best-practice principals in digital development

Bauer: Optimising IT services

Bauer wanted to identify opportunities to further optimise the delivery of IT services to its UK businesses, assessing the scope to reduce operational costs and add further business value.

What we did, and how

An extensive review of the current IT cost base, services, processes and Bauer's approach to strategy and architecture identified of a range of improvement opportunities and we recommended steps to address these.

The analysis then probed below the surface to examine the root causes behind some of the observations. From this a number of pragmatic, strategic recommendations were made, to give a sustainable improvement in performance and align the role of the IT team more closely with the needs of the business.

“They got to the key challenges quickly, worked well with our team and delivered valuable benefits.” Stuart Page, Group IT Director


  • We identified realistic opportunities to save Bauer a high six figure revenue sum annually
  • A pragmatic strategy was outlined to enable Bauer to rapidly assess the degree to which the IT department was addressing all of the needs of the business
  • Suggestions were also given to encourage Bauer to consider some higher value, but more challenging, savings opportunities
  • Additionally we benchmarked the Bauer team and gave feedback as to the most expedient way to move forward with headcount

Brady: CX strategy and design

Brady requested Transform's help to develop a multi-channel, customer experience strategy and design - a central tenet to Brady’s desire to transform into a customer-centric business.

What we did, and how

Adopting a co-creation approach with a group of functionally and geographically diverse internal stakeholders, resulted in the robust design of the ideal Customer Experiences and a set of internal champions who became change agents within the UK business.

The materials created in the design phase have been used internally to create a shared understanding of CX.

“Transform’s approach has resulted in a renewed energy and a new way of thinking across the business.” Paul Slawson, Director - Global Digital Marketing


  • Six experience themes to delight customers and provide competitive advantage
  • Supporting set of detailed capabilities (people, process, technology) identified for each experience theme
  • Internal champions integral to the design and passionate about implementing the changes
  • A compelling business case with commercially focused outcomes that balance customer benefits with £ multi-million business benefits

BT: Right first time process analysis and improvement

Within very tight timeframes, BT was looking to enhance the key performance indicator "Right First Time" (RFT), which measures the provision of services to customers against time and quality standards.

What we did, and how

We were engaged to analyse the end-to-end customer journeys and identify the process activities that led to RFT failure.

Working with key client personnel, we mapped events and activities on to process maps to determine their effect on services to customers. The team then defined the data requirements and sources.

Using advanced techniques, such as multivariate analysis and binary trees, relationships were established and quantified between events, activities and RFT performance.

“The team provided expertise and skills that were not immediately available within our organisation and added real value to our operations.” Mark Martinet, CIO BT Business


  • A significant amount of complex analysis was completed within very short timeframes
  • We quantified the % gains that BT would obtain via a series of improvement programmes and revealed previously unknown points of concern to the business
  • Our findings were integrated into plans for the following year
  • The approach was adopted across the business for other programmes

Bupa: eHealth transformation

Bupa wanted to give life to its brand promise 'to be a healthcare partner to its customers' through digital healthcare solutions. Transform was asked to guide the development of a proposal for selective high priority 'proof of concept' trials and a strategic eHealth framework and roadmap.

What we did, and how

As a Group project it required close collaboration with Bupa’s global businesses. We developed a strategic approach to eHealth activity  and working with contacts from the Bupa Digital Forum we identified the eHealth trials that would add most value to their businesses.

A clear 5-stage process for each trial was designed, to take the concept from idea to full rollout with the required blend of agility and rigour. We successfully put forward three trials for central funding.

“They’ve brought drive and enthusiasm to the task, along with much needed skills.” Steven Zuanella, Group eCommerce Director


  • Created clear strategic framework for eHealth propositions
  • Integrated eHealth within the business's strategic planning cycle
  • Developed concepts and global consensus around three eHealth proofs of concept, which are currently going through detailed proposition development and design
  • We are working with a lead business unit on each to deliver the propositions further

Business Link: Growth improvement service

Businesslink required an entirely new portal for the Growth Improvement Service (GIS). The solution was to be built in line with government policy.

What we did and how

Transform provided a multi-functional team to work as an integrated part of Serco’s existing team.

The production of a strategy and customer proposition for the service, helped engage stakeholders (HMRC and BIS), drew up the technical architecture and conducted a user centred design process. Using Agile project management methodology we conducted an extensive series of development sprints up to and beyond final go-live. We also supported a mobile app development helping businesses find funding more efficiently.

“The prototype has been positively received by customers and government stakeholders alike.” Jonathan Hollow, Director of Innovation, Serco


  • Delivered on time , within budget, and provided an entirely new approach to delivering their service
  • Tools specifically designed to support businesses in finding support and funding
    • 362,000 views of the Business Support Finder tool
    • 61,000 views of the Finance Finder tool over six months
  • The new platform moved the service successfully into the social media space, and opened up the service to commenting and user engagement in a way formerly unknown to the client

Office for Civil Society: Access to volunteering for disabled people

OfCS launched a volunteering grant fund to increase numbers of disabled people volunteering and organisations supporting them. Working with partners Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and RNIB, Transform was responsible for project managing Access to Volunteering.

What we did, and how

We put in place an online grant application and information centre for the fund. Grants were allocated iteratively over five rounds; learnings from each being absorbed into the next. New ways to support disabled people in their desire to volunteer were investigated and promotion of the fund  engaged a wide range of organisations to support volunteering. Funding decisions were made by local assessment panels in the test regions.

“Widely praised by applicants for its ease to apply for and was very well marketed and managed.” John Knights, Policy Manager


  • In total, 645 projects were funded for 6 months
  • Early monitoring indicates the fund is benefitting disabled volunteers and organisations with many wishing to continue beyond their grant funding
  • Digital promotion via stakeholder emails and social media

Capital One: Programme management

Led by audit requirements, CapitalOne’s culture was to reward adherence to process above project delivery. The internal development team needed to achieve a step change in delivery whilst maintaining regulatory compliance and implement best practice processes whilst 80 concurrent projects continued to run.

What we did, and how

Recognising that strong programme management was the key to delivering change, we proposed, and delivered, a full PM capability to CapitalOne.

The CapitalOne team was established and 'home grown' from within the organisation. By introducing best-practice experience and guidance, we were able to lead by example for the hands-on implementation of new processes and the Programme Management capability.

“The gravitas of the Big 5 delivered in a truly hands-on, delivery focused manner.” Tim Butterworth, Head of Programme and Project Management


  • We were able to step into the business and swiftly establish the Programme Management strategy, accepting full accountability for the project as it developed
  • Our structure and expertise allowed for self-management and required minimal input and supervision
  • This greatly increased the resource capability of the client, saving them valuable time

CfWI: New organisation setup

The Department of Health was setting up the new Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI) as a centre of excellence in workforce planning.

The new organisation, with its complex set of stakeholders across the sector, needed a marketing plan and stakeholder engagement strategy.

What we did and how

For the new CfWI, Transform set up and ran the marketing and stakeholder management function. This work included identifying and mapping stakeholder groups, creating a new brand and identity for the centre, developing communications and marketing strategies, implementing stakeholder tracking tools and processes, creating mailing lists, developing communications collateral and producing newsletters and devising and implementing a PR campaign.

“As a new organisation operating in a complex environment, Transform helped us with our strategic approach.” Mark Garvey, Programme Manager, CfWI


  • The centre had a successful launch, supported by an extensive PR campaign and a well received brand
  • It has a detailed stakeholder engagement strategy and a practical communications plan that the permanent marketing team at CfWI can implement

CLA: Product portfolio review

Transform was asked to review the Copyright Licensing Agency's current product portfolio and identify new areas for growth in the digital arena due to increasing digitisation of intellectual property.

What we did, and how

Our initial approach was to gain a full understanding of the CLA's existing product portfolio, identifying constraints and opportunities of the business model. This process involved an examination of the drivers, regulation, competition, technology, and user needs that impacted the current portfolio.

Potential for extension into the digital space could then be assessed. Revenue graphs and product lifecycles were created for each key product, with forecasts based on different scenarios.

“Transform approached the problem with expert precision, making careful assessments to present a fully-rounded view. ” Kevin Fitzgerald, CEO


  • Due to the qualitative nature of the business, the outputs of this project were assessed with the help of a quantitative modelling technique that gave the CLA a clear picture of the certainty of forecasts being made
  • A key focus of the outputs was to present complex information in an understandable way to a diverse group of shareholders in order to agree a forward strategy; we fully achieved this aim

DfE: FID digital strategy

The Department for Education wanted to transform the quality, choice, provision and awareness of family support and information. They wanted to increase the number of families supported from 90,000 per year in 2007, to 800,00 per year by 2011.

What we did and how

By analysing parent’s needs and the existing information services we developed a programme of partnerships with the voluntary, community and private sectors to create new digital support services for families alongside traditional helplines. Services cover: disability, social care, post-natal depression, grandparents, relationships, single parents, behaviour, teenagers, special needs, school admissions, exclusions, childcare, separation, family law and mental health, among others.


  • More than 10m users supported from 2008-2011
  • 64% growth in numbers helped by specialist helplines
  • Over 80,000 fewer avoidable contacts with public services a year
  • Annual reductions in: relationship breakdown, postnatal depression, school exclusions, NEETs and child poverty
  • Large annual savings against investment

eBay: Enterprise platform implementation strategy

eBay was looking to increase take-up of its enterprise services;  signing up mainstream retailers and brands by offering them branded online channel opportunities with which to sell new, end-of-line and overstocked product.

What we did, and how

We created a new business development function and directly signed leading retail brands onto the eBay enterprise platform including Blacks, Bench and Debenhams. We produced a selling concept for each new target, creating specific and compelling cases for eBay, including a unique stock clearing sales channel.

We took an active part in introductory and contracts meetings and participated in all aspects of the selling process through the implementation stages and culminating in 'go live'.

“Their in-depth understanding of the commercial and operational needs of large brands and retailers was used to manage all stages of the sign-up process.” Angus McCarey, Commercial Director


  • Our insight and 'insider' knowledge of the UK retail market ensured eBay met its targets by year-end
  • We used our network to identify and recruit a senior business development executive to exploit the momentum achieved during the project and help eBay become self-sufficient

General Atlantic: Commercial due diligence

General Atlantic was evaluating an investment in Studio Moderna. Transform was asked to support investment due diligence; commercial performance and potential for the Direct Response TV (DRTV) division across 12 key markets.

What we did, and how

We combined a review of the underlying data and business information for the DRTV business to confirm that it was robust and develop an understanding of the overall ROI on media spend.

This included a market review of the key territories to understand major trends in those markets that might affect the costs, revenues and ultimately the ROI of the DRTV business.

“Transform’s familiarity with the media market meant they could quickly identify and analyse factors driving ROI. ” Chris Caulkin, Vice President


  • A review of the key revenue and costs at a group and territory basis
  • Models of the projected RIO performance based on a number of business scenarios
  • A view of the DRTV market at a macro and territory level including trends in advertising and TV channel environments
  • Individual territory analysis
  • Review of ad planning,  booking, performance technology and processes

Healthier together: Acute health services

We were asked to work on the communications and engagement for a review of the way Healthier Together services were provided across the South East Midlands’ five main hospitals.

What we did, and how

Transform helped devise an engagement strategy to communicate changes to key groups. We established a multi-channel approach across online, social media, syndicated content and engagement events.

We began with the case for change, running surveys with different patient groups to understand needs, socialising Clinical Working Group ideas and engaging the public on the proposed models of care. Patient, public, staff and stakeholder views were fed into the overall model development.

“The work was praised as a best practice example of patient and public engagement.” Camilla Bashaarat – Head of Customer Communications and Engagement


  • The programme directly engaged with more than 200 clinicians and 12,000 members of staff, public and stakeholders through its events, digital strategy and offline.
  • Successfully set out the case for change, evidencing support for change
  • Independent evaluation noted the programme as an “example of good practice” and the digital approach effective
  • Our clinical models event, to test the draft models with key stakeholders, received a substantial majority in favour of the proposals – including those for A&E and Maternity
  • The consultation is now going forward in each of the local areas

Home Office: Stakeholder management

As part of its Programme of Reform, the Home Office wanted to improve the way the way the Ministry worked with and listened to its stakeholders. The Home Office wanted to identify its top-50 stakeholders and find some new ways of working with them.

What we did, and how

Working with the Stakeholder Management Team, we put forward a strategy for introducing and sustaining a long-term approach to successful stakeholder management. The strategy was based on integrating stakeholder engagement with other key elements of the Reform programme, designing operational delivery tools and processes and putting measurement systems in place.


Within six months of working with the Home Office to help deliver its strategy we had:

  • Embedded stakeholder engagement
  • Designed and delivered toolkits to help staff map and prioritise their stakeholders and relationship skills to better engage with them
  • Produced a program of activity for the most influential stakeholders
  • Begun to develop a social networking forum

Homebase: Acceleration of multi-channel programme

Transform was engaged to provide the transition phase between strategy and delivery following a strategic review to define online and offline multi-channel customer experience objectives.

What we did and how

Transform's methodology followed three stages: competitor and comparator analysis, strategic visioning at work stream level and business requirements specification.

Working in parallel across all 4 work streams accelerated the pace of the programme ensuring interdependencies across projects were identified and assigned to a single work package, avoiding both duplication and omissions.


The project was delivered within a condensed 6 week period. Within this time Transform was able to:

  • Accelerate the delivery programme
  • Transition 4 work packages from strategic intent into a set of agreed and detailed deliverables
  • Work closely with the business and IS teams to ensure the delivery team would be able to pick up and own the requirements at the next phase of the programme

Intellectual Property Office: 'IP equip' online learning tool

The IPO required a team to design and develop a new interactive e-learning tool for businesses and their advisors. Its aim is to help them better identify and understand assets which may be protected by IP rights.

What we did, and how

Utilising our expertise in user-centred design and agile development, Transform worked with the IPO and its stakeholders to create the proposition and design and develop the new training tool.

The design enabled users to complete the tool in a series of short modules, save progress to return later, take short tests as they progressed and access a wider library. In a series of sprints, we took the IP Equip tool from initial design, through prototyping, to final product launch.

“Transform has worked imaginatively with us and the engaging result has received a user e-learning rating of over 85%.” Paul Storer, Policy Adviser, Innovation Directorate, IPO


  • IP Equip was delivered on time and budget, allowing the IPO to publicly launch it as part of its overall ‘IP for Business’ programme
  • IP Equip is available on all devices and operating systems, allowing users to access the tool both in the office and on the move.
  • IP Equip has been widely praised by stakeholders for its innovation, design and user experience
  • The tool meets the CPD criteria for accountants and solicitors and the Accountants’ Association ACCA will promote IP Equip on its own website

Investec: Integrated user experience platform

Investec had identified a clear strategic objective to improve the customer experience and drive cost efficiency by co-ordinating activity across territories and channels. Transform was approached to manage the vendor selection process for a User Experience Platform (UXP).

What we did, and how

We defined and facilitated the Request for Proposal (RFP) process and developed a detailed and rigorous capability matrix, supported by decision making criteria, to capture product and operational capabilities. A vendor short list of 3 were invited to work inside Investec on a proof of concept approach that tested and challenged each vendor’s ability to solve a number of problems.

Analysis of the output identified a solution provider and Transform worked with them to define the platform operating model, including elements of operational processes and roles and structure.

“Transform’s rigorous approach to process design meant we were able to implement a global platform capable of delivering an integrated customer experience.” Doug Grantham, Head of Private Banking IT


  • Launch of Investec’s new online banking solution, supported by the UXP
  • The User Experience Platform (UXP) that underpins the banking solution, supports the needs of Investec’s customers, not just the operating model of its business units
  • As the platform was developed against an international requirements specification, the wider business has the ability to use and exploit the technology, further enhancing the experience of Investec’s customers

News UK: Marketing transformation programme

News UK* had charged each department with building a 3 year change agenda with challenging financial objectives. Transform was engaged by the Marketing and Sales department to define a profound change programme.

What we did and how

Created a programme that engaged most of the team of 170 in defining the marketing department of the future,  maximising buy-in to and enhancing the prospects of successful implementation.

In parallel with the visioning work, a robust activity analysis was undertaken. Three potential new operating models were generated and evaluated to create a recommended way forward and benefits model. From this, a new organisation model was produced, with role definitions and a transition plan.

*formerly News International

“Transform brought process rigour, strong analytical skills and objective challenge. ” Katie Vanneck-Smith, Chief Marketing Officer


  • New marketing vision and goals created with extensive engagement of the team
  • Efficiencies identified to enable cost reduction targets to be achieved
  • Endorsement by News UK Executives of a new operating model for marketing
  • Management team more aware of the behaviours necessary to support effective change

NHS Direct: Patient decision aids

The health system needs to find ways to substantially improve patient care and empowerment while reducing cost. NHS Direct commissioned Transform to help develop a set of online tools that would help patients decide between their treatment options.

What we did, and how

Transform built three online patient decision aids. The clinical content for these had already been developed, but we edited this content, shaped it into an engaging online user journey (which we tested with User Vision, a usability consultancy), added interactive elements and graphics and built the tools to a very tight deadline.

Patient Decisions Aids are tools which help patients decide on the best form of treatment for them and are part of the patient choice agenda.

“A really polished and highly regarded tool that patients and clinicians find really useful.” Emma Walker, National Head of Business Development


The decision aids were evaluated by an expert team from Cardiff University and the results were extremely positive.

  • Patients found the tools simple to use and easy to understand and the majority of patients reported that they felt increased levels of confidence in their discussions with consultants
  • There is strong evidence that the project goals were achieved in that, having engaged with the tools, patients on the whole were looking to follow non-invasive treatment options and were happy with their choices

O2: Retail systems review

O2 asked Transform to review its retail systems and assess the current systems and platform capabilities, to understand the platform fit with O2’s future technology roadmap and customer strategy.

What we did, and how

We delivered the programme in 3 stages: an assessment of all O2 customer touchpoints mapping in detail the technology infrastructures and applications. We then conducted a future state investigation identifying required capabilities and relecting learning from other organisations. Thirdly, by comparing capabilities across the business architecture we eliminated those elements that were unsuitable.

A detailed evolution plan was created with release schedules over 5 years.

“The team’s extensive cross-sector expertise has been invaluable. ” Colin Wooldridge, Technology Strategy & Governance


  • O2 was able to clearly identify its options for improving the retail systems strategy, and effectively demonstrate the rationale for selected and rejected options
  • Our support and extensive cross-sector expertise provided O2 with a clear summary of the case for selection of the final option and best practice approach

Office for National Statistics: Online delivery strategy

The 2011 UK Census, offered for the first time, the opportunity to complete the questionnaire on-line. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) wanted us to agree an overall strategy, highlighting constraints and recommendations in design, delivery, service operation and integration for an online completion system.

What we did, and how

Our approach was to combine robust, detailed analysis of the future market with our detailed insight into the way that citizens’ use of and attitudes to digital platforms are developing. The pace of change is so rapid that it was critical to combine existing insight with accurate predictions, in order to make the right choices for the UK digital landscape.


  • Based upon our strategy and our input to the Statement of Requirements, the Office of National Statistics had the information and confidence required to progress the procurement of services for delivery of the Census online in 2011

Office of the Public Guardian: Digital Lasting Power of Attorney

OPG asked Transform to join a collaborative team that would deliver a digital Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) service in line with GOV.UK's Digital by Default strategy.

What we did, and how

Using agile methodologies and open source technology we built a Prototype that could be user tested enabling us to work out the rules and logic required to create an LPA as well as understand the limitations that legislation placed on the service.

The move to Alpha build used the same code base to layer in further functionality and to deploy the service into a production-like environment for a controlled user group. Following this intensive period of user testing we moved from Alpha to Beta prior to the full launch of the service.

“Transform's iterative approach to testing and development has allowed us to deliver a service that is now a flagship on how to embrace digital within government.” Kit Collingwood-Richardson, Head of Digital, OPG


  • Development of a prototype to test the LPA concept
  • Delivery of Alpha to engage key stakeholder groups and understand where legislation needs to change
  • Government’s first exemplar service to enter Beta
  • First digital exemplar service to pass the Digital by Default Service Standard to go live
  • 700 LPA applications are now processed every day

Portigon: Intranet usability evaluation

Portigon Financial Services, formerly WestLB, was about to roll out a new intranet and wanted to ensure that there were no major usability issues. Transform was asked to conduct research to identify any high priority changes and direction for future developments.

What we did, and how

We conducted usability tests supplemented with expert usability evaluation to identify issues with the proposed site architecture, navigation devices, content templates and visual design.

Contextual user interviews with key stakeholders and staff across a range of job functions identified additional user requirements to support key job-related processes and tasks, specifically trading staff where productivity and efficiency gains would have most commercial benefit.

“Their expertise enabled us to meet the expectations of staff and stakeholders.” Phil DeSausmarez, Head of New Media


  • We found that the site architecture and navigation systems made the process of finding frequently-used content too lengthy, and was likely to put employees off using the intranet
  • WestLB benefited from a series of prioritised recommendations for enhancing the intranet style guide, giving the intranet team a clear definition of quick wins that could be implemented before launch
  • We provided recommendations and illustrations of alternative structures and navigation devices to inform the intranet development roadmap, and made recommendations regarding task and content to support day-to-day work activities for key trading staff

Royal Free Charity Hospital: Improving patient experience

The Royal Free Hospital Charity asked Transform to help identify the areas in which it could fund projects to improve patient experience in the hospital’s outpatient clinics. Historically the Charity had funded projects in an ad hoc way; going forward it wanted to understand where the most value would be.

What we did, and how

We employed a customer-centred innovation research technique, carrying out in-depth interviews with patients and staff to map their experience of the hospital - both short-term initial referral patients or those with long-term or chronic conditions. We identified more than 400 needs that were not being fulfilled in the existing patient journey, pre-consultation, at the hospital and after the consultation. From these we identified and ranked 50 potential improvements that the charity could fund which could be implemented in the short, medium and longer term.

“Transform's rigorous analytical insight rapidly delivered actionable ideas to drive improvements in the patient experience.” Chris Burghes, Chief Executive


  • 400 unfulfilled needs identified in the existing patient journey and 50 improvements prioritised
  • The Charity is now working with the hospital to implement many of them – some immediately, others as part of a major outpatients refurbishment programme
  • This has enabled the Charity for the first time to be pro-active in identifying areas for investment that would deliver value to patients

RS Components: International search experiences

RS Components was engaged in enhancing the online product selection process particularly around search and browse, product comparisons and alternative selection choices. We were asked to lead the next round of discovery research and user modelling.

What we did, and how

Contextual interviews were conducted with customers in the UK, Germany and Japan to investigate how product selection journeys differed by customer type and location. This looked at end-to-end journeys with RS Components and other suppliers, covering online and offline channels.

We developed a model of the different types of customer personas, missions and scenarios, and the core needs associated with each.

“The team delivered a fresh perspective on how international customers use and interact with our website.” Alan Mears, Customer Experience Manager


  • We found that the segmented group to which the user belonged was not the key driver for personalisation and identified common journeys that could be modelled, enhanced and given priority
  • We provided brand new insights into customer journeys to the online team that will be instrumental in improving the experience for RS Components customers worldwide
  • Implementations of enhancements based on this research will make the site more intuitive and easier to use thereby increasing customer satisfaction and individual transaction values

Santander: Customer-centric multi-channel strategy

Santander recognised the need to become more customer-centric; offering a joined-up experience across digital, branch and telephony channels and asked Transform to design a multi-channel, customer-centred programme.

What we did, and how

Transform’s approach began with the engagement of a cross functional Santander team.

A set of customer themes were identified and clearly mapped against commercial and customer based criteria. Business cases were built for each of the high priority themes and submitted for executive approval.

Following approval, Transform worked with the multi-channel team to map out customer journeys and to design an improved future experience.

“Transform helped us deliver a framework which puts the customer at the heart of our business and is now being used across the Santander Group.” Sarah Hicks, Managing Director Digital Banking


  • 8 customer themes prioritised for design and development
  • A compelling business case for each of the high priority customer themes, delivering both customer and commercial benefit
  • Highly engaged, cross-functional stakeholders who are driving the multi-channel programme
  • A toolkit of customer-centred tools and techniques including persona development and customer journey mapping that the team can use on an ongoing basis

Argos-Shutl: Same-day delivery service

Argos was approached by Shutl, a web service that connects retailers to local, same-day delivery couriers. Transform was asked to undertake a rapid analysis that would test customer demand for the solution.

What we did, and how

We gathered cross-divisional input quickly, identifying that a trial needed to be low impact, low cost, quick to implement and geographically restricted to 12 stores across London. Cross-departmental workshops identified that the existing reservation and in-store collection process for stock management, supported by a white labelled website from Shutl, would ensure minimal impact on the main site. The customer experience was balanced against any potential constraints of the trial.

“Transform has been instrumental in landing this new service for our customers.” Ross Clemmow, Director of Marketing Operations


  • Argos successfully launched a same-day-delivery trial from 12 of its London stores, delivered on time, on budget and supported across departments
  • The solution has optimised operational performance by deploying the right combination of people, systems and processes to successfully deliver the project outcomes
  • Mainstream and specialist media coverage has reinforced its position as a retail market leader

Signet: Website optimisation

Transform was asked to carry out a thorough evaluation of checkout processes of the eCommerce sites for H.Samuel and Ernest Jones to increase conversion rates and reduce levels of abandonment at checkout.

What we did, and how

We initiated a three strand investigation and started by drilling into website usage data to identify the paths users were taking through the checkout process and the drop-offs at each step. This revealed different abandonment points on the two websites and for different shopping scenarios.

We then carried out usability testing with H.Samuel customers and an expert evaluation of the Ernest Jones website to explore the various checkout scenarios and identify usability issues and informational barriers to completing purchases.

“Transform helped us to understand our customers online behaviours and how to serve them better.” Nicky Brown, Head of eCommerce


  • After implementation of our solution, there were significant improvements in the conversion rates across the two websites, with fewer customers abandoning their baskets and reduced drop-offs within the checkout process
  • Overall the conversion rate from basket to completed order was up 27% across the two websites

Sky: Developing Sky Tickets

Transform was approached to support the development of Sky's new sports, arts and events ticketing business and to assist in creating a more repeatable and reliable process for building new businesses.

What we did, and how

We created four customer personas, the customer proposition and worked with Sky's technical and creative teams to build out the customer experience.

In parallel, we ran test and learn trials to further enhance the proposition, experience and approach.

We developed a business and launch plan with the team and helped to refine the process for new businesses development.

“Transform was integral to developing Sky Tickets. Their ability to work closely with our team means we now have a great product and robust plans.” Tom Peters, Head of Strategy and Operations


  • A productive trial that delivered useful data and significant revenue leading to a successful trial in Q1
  • Comprehensive research has resulted in Sky now having a detailed set of personas and propositions
  • Transform worked collaboratively with Sky to refine the process for building new business

Smiths News: 3PL value chain market assessment

Smiths News was undertaking a complete review of the value chain for distribution, logistics and other supply chain markets. We were asked to analyse the entire 3PL market and identify areas of growth and high value services within the value chain.

What we did, and how

Our market assessment was rigorous and broad reaching. Leveraging our experience, we mapped out the value chain for 3PLs and using extensive market knowledge, identified unique value added service offerings and areas of growth.

We created filtering criteria to categorise 700 businesses with 3PL operations, allowing us to identify a core set of service offerings and market leading companies that were profitable with sustainable growth.

“They quickly got to the heart of where the value lies in the sector. We will be using them again. ” Jonathan Bunting, Commercial Director


  • The benefit of this analysis was to identify a core set of propositions and companies that represent the drivers for industry growth for 3PLs
  • It provided a strategic framework for Smiths News to consider in their planning process and accurately identified growth opportunities, supported by industry examples/case studies

Spotlight: Business agility

Transform was initially brought in to improve the agility of IT delivery. However, as our work progressed the brief expanded to improving the agility and alignment of all areas of the business.

What we did and how

We helped Spotlight create, roll out and refine a set of processes that defined, prioritised and delivered products quickly and cost effectively, whilst aligning IT and business stakeholders.

This included defining a new IT platform which supported rapid delivery, whilst allowing the business to scale. We also helped Spotlight to develop, define, execute and make changes to its strategy to enable rapid response to change.

“We can now be confident that we’re doing the right things, in the right way, at the right time.” Ben Seale, Managing Partner


  • Realised quick wins by improving the delivery of in flight IT projects
  • Defined and successfully rolled out new product management and delivery processes
  • Helped the business define, prioritise and road map its products
  • Co-created a new IT platform
  • Evolved a more agile, customer focused business

Tesco: Entertainment strategic vision

Transform was asked to help Tesco Entertainment with its vision and clarify the best direction for the division to develop propositions and deliver a roadmap for growth.

What we did, and how

We developed, and gained buy-in for, a strategic vision that delivered Tesco into the digital home. This was built into a series of Entertainment propositions for the business to launch, along with insights into what capabilities, roles and responsibilities were required to deliver the strategy.

We provided practical and pragmatic insights into launching key propositions that took lessons from pure-play successes to identify quick wins and cost effective ways to deliver new solutions under the Tesco brand.

“They helped us to develop a strategic vision with buy-in from the key stakeholders. ” Rob Salter, Entertainment Director


  • Delivery of a clearer vision, product offer and development roadmap to implement and delivery of a governance framework with senior stakeholder support to deliver a pan-division multi-channel strategy
  • We defined the new organisation required in terms of new job roles/responsibilities in the Entertainment Division
  • A communications plan was included to ensure that brand marketing was ready to support new launches
  • From an end-user perspective, customers have a seamless experience in choosing and consuming Tesco's new offerings that should allow it to overtake its major rivals

The Times: Increase digital subscriptions

The Times/The Sunday Times pioneered online news content subscriptions and Transform was asked to review the user base to identify opportunities to drive further subscriptions.

What we did and how

We looked at customer drivers, motivations and barriers influencing subscription levels and mapped these against existing and potential digital media consumers.

Primary research analysis and usage data were used to build a set of customer personas with individual motivators, missions and scenarios. These were then mapped against existing proposition to identify areas where the proposition could be improved.

“The Transform team were a pleasure to work with - quick, structured and insightful. ” Juliet Kennard, Director of Product Development


  • The output provided customer-led insight into where some of the strengths and weaknesses of the proposition that transcended commercial and functional requirements
  • This allowed The Times and the Sunday Times to focus on meeting customer needs with new user groups in a holistic manner

TUI: Bespoke UCD training and coaching

TUI Travel PLC wanted to transform design and development processes to put the customer at the heart and Transform was asked to upskill key eCommerce team members with the knowledge, tools and confidence required to lead the company forward.

What we did, and how

We established team training goals and designed a programme of training and coaching including 2-day intensive workshop concentrating on project planning for UCD, and theory and practice for key methods such as personas, scenarios, task analysis, concept sketching and usability testing.

Further coaching sessions were held with the team so that they would be able to respond to TUI business unit requirements for in-house expertise and inputs in relation to online customer focused projects and initiatives.

“Their training and support has equipped our own team to become a beacon of customer focus within our business. ” Katie McAlister, Head of UX and Web Development


  • The knowledge transfer project allowed TUI to plan all initiatives with a customer-centric approach
  • A UCD approach that can be flexed based on a project's complexity and importance
  • TUI can confidently commission other expert providers if required
  • A heightened profile within the business as champions of customer needs

Waitrose: Multi-channel propositions review

Transform was approached to conduct a review of the 'Waitrose Your Way' strategy and make recommendations for operationalising it.

What we did, and how

Working with its team we examined the company's internal plans and capabilities in order to construct a 'do-ability' test. We reviewed customer propositions, customer journeys, operating model, technology, partner support, supply chain and the commercial model.

A high-level picture for the state-of-play in the coming 1-4 years was forecast in readiness for more detailed programme planning at the next stage. We advised on the integration of services and channels and gave clarity on focus areas for programme activities.

“Their valuable insight and expertise helped us optimise our plans to create the best possible customer journey.” Rob Collins, Director e-Commerce


  • Using our recommendations Waitrose was able to better understand how to deliver the most valuable propositions with the optimal level of integration from a customer and a business perspective
  • Waitrose had a more complete view of its plans to deliver the multi-channel strategy and recommendations for turning this into an executable plan

Waterstone's: eCommerce platform evaluation

Transform was asked to support the eCommerce assessment process for Waterstone's and the identification of the correct solution.

What we did, and how

During the initial online capability business review our input led to top-level agreement for the new solution programme to begin.

We were instrumental in steering Waterstone's through to completion of the discovery phase which resulted in the selection of key partners and core technologies. This included a brand new eCommerce platform to support new functionality for search (based on Endeca), the creation and management of user generated content and the introduction of a new rare book marketplace.

“Their advice has been extremely insightful and we have plans to contact them for future projects.” David Kohn, Head of eCommerce


  • We helped to ensure the programme was given the green light by the senior management team and that the most appropriate platform and technologies were chosen for implementation
  • Our role progressed to supporting the eCommerce team on the first delivery stage and working on the scoping of future phases of the project

Worcestershire CC: Multi-channel strategy

Current processes and supporting systems were not designed for digital operations and service delivery so Worcestershire County Council was seeking to transform the delivery of its customer services through maximising the use of digital channels.

What we did, and how

We developed a strategy and implementation plan that could reduce telephone and face-to-face contact in favour of self-service through online channels. This included developing a multi-channel strategy, improving the user experience, creating a seamless user journey between services and designing new services for digital.


  • Proposal for self-service transformation developed, that re-profiled service use across the channels
  • Detailed an implementation plan that sought to increase digital use by 350% and deliver annual savings
  • Increased focus on the use of automated telephony
  • Proposed a ‘life events’ tool to cover parent services

Yodel: Innovation workshop

Transform was asked to deliver an innovation event for Yodel’s key clients to foster new ideas and position Yodel as a strategic partner.

What we did, and how

We produced a Vox pop video of consumer needs and frustrations. Client and internal interviews provided us with insights into key market challenges and opportunities. Along with market intelligence, Transform was able to create a powerful workshop for Yodel’s senior management and directors from 6 leading UK retailers.

The workshop offered an independent forum for retailers to highlight their needs and agree common areas of interest. Using videos, personas, customer journeys and other tools, we created a set of powerful new ideas based on these needs, along with next steps for building a strategic partnership.

“The event has started a journey that will help to differentiate us in the marketplace. ” Adam Smith, Marketing Director


  • Yodel gained major insights into the way their clients perceived them and significantly, identified what was important to them
  • New ideas were produced that provided Yodel with greater clarity regarding service priorities and an actionable improvement agenda
  • Most importantly, clients strongly supported this ground breaking approach to engagement with them and specifically asked Yodel to use this as the springboard for a long-term partnership

Zopa: Online conversion challenge

Zopa needed to drive up the number of people registering for the service and increase its conversion rate - turning its website browsers into customers. Zopa turned to us to provide a solution.

What we did, and how

We carried out an independent evaluation to identify Zopa's problem areas, concentrating on analysing the website in several ways.

We undertook expert evaluation to identify problem areas. Usability analysis was conducted matching profiles to target users and usage analysis was used to identify drop-out points in the sign up process. We revised the online borrower journey, and created new wireframes and templates for the enhanced website structure and content to meet user demand.

“With impossibly tight deadlines it was a project from hell. They way exceeded everyone's expectations.” James Alexander, UK CEO and co-founder


  • We delivered changes to the website structure and content which reduced the sign-up journey from 28 to 15 steps
  • Zopa saw a 41% increase in the number of visitors who went on to register with Zopa, and a 288% increase in transactions among registered, credit-checked users


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