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Safeguarding the UK’s history for the digital age

The challenge was to help Historic Royal Palaces create a digital strategy that would allow the organisation to meet its ambitious goals for the future

HRP wanted to ensure that they could continue to safeguard the UK’s history and share it with the people of Britain by developing their digital capabilities.

Cross-channel and comprehensive journeys

The work started at a strategic level, working directly with the executive to develop a long-term, holistic strategy for digital change, steering them away from tactical digital initiatives and towards a comprehensive review of systems, processes and people that required change.

All our work was rooted in mapping their current and desired cross-channel customer journeys, building a vision of the future role of website, mobile, social and physical visits to the Palaces themselves.

This vision was used as the basis for a digital transformation strategy and plan for HRP, accepted across the organisation. We then supported them over a five year period in delivering this plan, covering user experience, digital strategy management, technical architecture design, and digital training.

The programme covered almost every aspect of digital transformation, for example selecting and implementing their first-ever CRM system, updating their on-site experience from audio-guides to more sophisticated multi-media digital guides, getting a new website built on a new CMS and updating their social media strategy to better link with the wider digital strategy.

Much of the work was focused on re-organising and building capability and structures internally to allow HRP to deliver their own transformation, gradually becoming more and more self-sufficient.

On time, on budget and bringing HRP into the digital age

Within time and to the original budget, we delivered the change programme and handed over the programme to the client. Giving them everything they needed to be self-sufficient in the digital age.

They became a trusted partner, giving us the confidence to embark on an ambitious programme.

Finance Director, Historical Royal Palaces

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