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Planning a digital journey with customers at its heart.​

Digital transformation required a clear roadmap that placed member needs front and centre.​

Central Co-Op approach retail from a unique perspective – considering members and social impact alongside customers and commercial outcomes. When it came to Digital Transformation, identifying what to focus on first and how to prioritise technology investment created an impasse - too many options and opportunities. How could they plan for the future whilst delivering speed to value today

Change is hard. Less so if you’re co-operative.

Here's what we did​

Talk, discuss, review

  • Starting with 121 interviews to gather input, ideas and different points of view 

  • Then workshopping with senior leadership to build out a Strategic Linkage Model which allows us to question, interrogate and challenge thinking. 50% of the value is in the conversations and awareness created.

  • The other 50% is analysis. Organising chaos and outlining options and routes to take, with defined trade-offs and challenges


This is one of the hardest parts. The reflections were challenging and limitations can be hard to accept and choices tough to make. But the Central Co-Op team knew this was a critical asset with a view on their business that could be seen through the lenses of commercial benefits and the customer. We also qualified the readiness of different projects – some on the roadmap were well rounded and could move forward; others only had the thinnest understanding.


  • Strategic linkage model for Co-Op digital which linked enablers and initiatives to customer experience points and business benefits

  • 24 initiatives opportunity sized and prioritised, 4 alternative routes based on macro-priorities

  • Clearly defined roadmap based on speed to value and feasibility 

  • Led into programme of digital deliveries (not all done by us) including digital funerals and member app launch.

​​​Transform’s expert guidance and support played an important role in our journey towards digital transformation. We were able to develop a robust roadmap strategy that not only assessed our current technological and business capabilities but also aligned them with our desired digital customer experience outcomes. Transform's unique approach of challenging us on the 'why’, helped us refine our ideas and make them more effective. Their unwavering commitment to delivering results is truly commendable.

Chief Member and Customer Officer

Central Co-Op

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