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More flow for England's water supply

How effective CRM management helped Anglian Water reduce water supply interruptions

Anglian Water wanted to reduce interruptions to water supply. But without a holistic view of their network or any centralised records of historical events, they didn’t know where to start. Reports were time-consuming to generate. And customers were hard to reach without a communications platform.

We waded through the data to find a way forward.

What we did​​:

A live events management solution

Unifying all data in one dashboard so the Tactical Operational team could monitor all events and increase situational awareness of the entire network.

An iterative, user-centred design process

With fortnightly sprint reviews to review progress, play back and validate user research, and demonstrate new functionality. Now Anglian Water can build and release features that users value most.

An optimised team

Operations people now focus their time and energy on identifying and fixing the highest-priority blockers.

Things we’re proud of:

Reducing unmanaged events by focusing the ops team and reducing time and effort spent on each event.

Eliminating the time-consuming, manual work involved in creating monthly board packs and annual regulatory reports.

Simplifying enterprise architecture so Anglian Water can decommission expensive legacy systems.

Cutting the lead time from event awareness to event management so customers get the attention they need when they need it.


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