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Digitising a global direct sales network

From strategy to implementation—and a very cool app for reps

Avon is famous for their global network of sales reps. But how do you accelerate growth in the digital era without alienating reps and cannibalising the existing business? That’s exactly the kind of challenge we love.

Start by listening, hard

The ask: develop a future digital experience for ​reps and customers—and a way to get there.

We went deep, building a detailed understanding ​of the entire rep and customer experience.

We then developed a visionary strategy and roadmap ​that played to Avon’s strengths and positioned ​them for growth.

This included the Avon ON app: an exciting digital toolset to help reps engage with customers, order products and manage their growing businesses.

It’s just the start of an exciting new era for Avon​—a powerful mix of the digital and the personal​—and it’s gonna be huge.

Deep research across eight markets

For insight into the rep and customer journeys

A visionary digital strategy and roadmap

To play to Avon’s strengths and empower reps


markets researched to understand global and regional needs.

​Avon ON app

Helping reps engage with customers, build their skills and grow their businesses.

"Transform is a true partner; part of our company. That means they can translate their thinking into practical and workable solutions."

Digital Acceleration Director,


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