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Delivering a sports broadcaster a CRM platform in record breaking time

Having successfully secured exclusive sports rights in multiple markets Eleven Sports needed a CRM platform

It needed to be capable of ingesting multiple data sets into one Single Customer View, which could then be used as a platform for personalised, timely communications at scale.

What’s more, with additional sports and new markets going live each month our solution had to be scalable and user-friendly across the globe, whilst maintaining an element of central control.

4 months to deliver

Based on Eleven Sports’ bespoke needs, which included being operational in 4 months we choose best-in-breed technologies, rather than a full-stack solution, to suit their needs. This meant it was scalable, flexible, and affordable.

Naturally, automation played a key role in the build, as well as integrations to provide campaign insight, selection and execution capabilities. This platform is designed to be extended into new territories as and when required.

We had 16 weeks to deliver and it was operational in 12.

Initially used for one sport in 5 markets, it was soon being used for 4 sports in 11 markets.


The platform is now being used across multiple global markets, allowing Eleven Sports to utilise email and app push notifications to engage subscribers at the right time, with the right content. Initial analysis has shown an 11% increase in conversion (from registering to subscribing) in those who engaged with email communications.

Transform has become our database and CRM partner, delivering a data platform that provides insight and enables us to engage with our viewers like never before, forming the foundation for our continued growth as a business.

Global CRM Director, Eleven Sports

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