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A global retail turnaround

A three-year program to re-engineer and revitalise a great fashion brand​

Eight consecutive years of declining revenue and margins meant something had to change at Esprit. But they couldn’t throw money at the transformation. They needed to revitalise the customer experience, unify operations across 200 stores and drive down costs at the same time.

That meant a strategy to connect the dots, find quick wins and build for growth.

No more silos

Our three-year roadmap unified projects ​across functions and regions—one strategy that transformed product movement, information management, and customer experiences across ​every channel, online and off.

Personalize everything

A standard store model across Europe.

Driving down store costs to bring them ​in line with sales.

Simplified operations to make it easier for ​employees to work together.

Improved store operations and product movement through a series of trials across 50 stores in 9 markets.

We also put customer experience back on track, by mining 2 million customer records to spot buying patterns, promotion dynamics and loyalty levers.

The best part: a targeted strategy  for high-value and high-potential customers to seize the biggest opportunities.​​​


Predicted value of encouraging ‘lapsed’ discount-dependents to make one additional purchase​


Annual savings through new store model​


Time saved across inventory management activities in store

"How can we revolutionise the customer experience and transform the way we operate while keeping our cost base in check?"

Regional CEO ​(Europe & Americas),


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