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Past event: Public Sector Data & Analytics: Using advanced analytics to create valuable outcomes

The second session of our Public Sector Data & Analytics Event Series will take place on Thursday July 7th, 10-11am live via Zoom webinar.

Can analytics and machine learning create valuable outcomes?

If this is a question you’re grappling with, this is your golden opportunity to learn more about machine learning and how it can assist your department.

Join us to hear Will Lowe in conversation with Daniel Woolf from Health Education England and Patrick Greenaway from Transform about how to develop analytics ready platforms and use machine learning to predict outcomes which deliver value covering:

  • The importance of creating the analytics database and HEE’s approach to this

  • Defining the key business questions to be answered such as “Who won’t complete their doctor training?”

  • How predictive modelling using ML is different to insight analytics

  • Key learnings from building the models for HEE and NCS

  • Democratising the models - open source code within HEE allows different regions and trusts to benefit, cooperative model

  • The great results in terms of efficiency and effectiveness

Register your place at this link:

Our public sector data series brings together industry experts and department leads to talk candidly about how to create value from data and analytics.

Using case studies from the great work going on across government departments this is your opportunity to hear from your peers and take part in discussions around hot topics in this area. If you'd like to be invited to all future events in the series (webinars, seminars and round table breakfasts) simply email

Please feel free to invite anyone in your department who would be interested in joining us. If you can’t make the date but want to hear the conversation don’t worry, register anyway and we’ll share the recording afterwards with everyone who’s signed up.

If you missed our last session, where we talked to Alix Crabtree from the Department for Education about building scalable data solutions, click here for the link and to read the key takeaways.

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