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Past event: Take aways from 'Are you ready for AI?'

We recently hosted a panel discussion where our experts tackled the key questions facing leaders who are considering how AI can be adopted in their organisation.

Afterwards, our CEO, Emma Robertson, reflected on the conversation and captured her thoughts. Here they are.

Are you ready for AI? It's a big question and one we're keen to talk about.

It was a real delight to welcome Ange Johnson De Wet, Premal Desai and Richard Moore to BFI Southbank and hear them talk about a broad range of subjects including ethics, enterprise tech, customers and culture in terms of getting their organisations ready to face the risks and opportunities. I thought about those points that resonated most for me and these are my top 3 key take aways, each one giving me a new perspective around the challenges for AI.

  1. How technology and data is thought about and structured within your organisation will impact your ability to go after opportunities presented by AI. Ange highlighted how difficult it is to innovate for the future if technology (or IT) is treated as a cost centre and service provider rather than the value generator we know it can be.

  2. However good the technology is, or what it‘s capable of, it all comes back to business strategy and customer need. At The Gym Group, Premal shared how experimentation and getting scores on the board helps deliver and prove value early for the business and the customer. Careful not to drink the AI cool aid and forget what it’s in service to.

  3. Richard shared a perspective on AI that I hadn’t heard before but is critical in its importance. Creating the culture and environment for the teams at the heart of AI to thrive means leaning into diversity of thought and in particular neurodiversity to enable multi-functional teams to thrive.

To help you further we've developed a new content hub - our Data & AI Accelerator - addressing questions like:

  • How do we unpack AI and what does it mean for our business?

  • What’s needed to remain competitive and take advantage of new opportunities the technology unlocks?

  • Our CEO or Board expects us to use AI but where do we start?

You can access it here and meet some of the experts who you’ll be able to partner with to deliver outcomes faster.

Get in touch if you'd like to supercharge your journey with an AI Impact Assessment or discuss your unique challenges:

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