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Closing the digital skills gap

There is a significant digital skills gap in the UK, which significantly impacts customers.

As part of our Executive Leadership programme, Transform hosted a session on 'Closing the Digital Skills Gap'. A dozen people from senior positions in the Private Sector, including Investment and Retail Banks, Insurance, Fashion Retailing, Telco, IT and Manufacturing, joined the conversation.

Aggravated by Brexit, yet masked by Covid, the lack of digital skills at business leadership level means digital roadmap decision making can be slow and laborious. In addition, the lack of diverse talent in leadership roles also results in the end product not being as inclusive or suitable for many users as it could be.

Key insight include the fact that only 1/6 people working in ICT being female and a small percentage of digital people living with a cognitive difference, those creating and building the digital world do not mirror our society as a whole; therefore, it is a mistake not to design solutions that are user-centric and inclusive.

Additionally it transpired that every great solution comes from truly understanding the challenge. Businesses need to ensure the end-user is reflected in the team building the digital capabilities from day one to ensure no customer is left behind.

Explore our infographic below to find out more - created when we were Engine Transformation.

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