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Data & AI Accelerator

Building the right foundations to unlock the potential of AI

The convergence of rapidly changing technologies like RPA, AI and blockchain is sparking a revolution, reshaping core business processes and keeping us in a continual state of transformation. 


It's an exciting time for senior leaders but not without its challenges. Many of us are asking questions like:  


  1. How do we unpack AI and what does it mean for our business?  

  2. What’s needed to remain competitive and take advantage of new opportunities the technology unlocks?    

  3. Our CEO or Board want us adopt AI but where do we start? How afraid should we be?

Thinking back over my career, I remember clients asking me: "This internet thing, is it really going to take off?" "What about these websites, do I really need one?" "Will people honestly use a mobile for more than just calls?"

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Emma Robertson

Chief Executive Officer

New and transformational technology typically starts with more questions than answers. Lots of hype. Tons of uncertainty.

They all felt independently impactful at the time but on reflection, each one was laying a foundation for the next revolution. And today that revolution is data and AI.

Enterprises of all sizes are seeing what it really takes to harness the disruptive power of data, with seemingly infinite possibilities for its potential. Whether that’s driving inefficiency out of business processes, managing risk or, for the biggest wins of all, inventing new business models, new customer experiences and entirely new markets. 


Leveraging your data no longer just supports the business - it’s the future of the business.


Data’s ubiquity and versatility create a challenge and although AI has been around for decades, it’s only been in the last 5-10 years that the growth in computing power has enabled us to really build the platforms of the future.


At Transform, we’ve been answering our client’s questions since the 1990s; helping them to really understand how they can use technology and data to accelerate their growth, optimise their businesses and mitigate risk.


As we see businesses being overwhelmed by the hype of AI, we’d like to introduce you to Transform’s Data & AI Accelerator: a data-driven approach to AI that will unlock value across the data and AI spectrum, from robotic process automation to complex neural networks.​


Our approach will assist you in moving beyond the hype to set a vision, get your data ready and accelerate adoption of a data-driven culture.

Emma Robertson, CEO at Transform, shares her thoughts on:

  • How new technologies have always challenged the way we do things today but also bring opportunities for the possibilities of tomorrow

  • How Transform can help customers face into AI and see beyond the hype

  • How AI might impact organisations - for good and for bad - and how it can be leveraged for best advantage


If you’d like to know more about how we can help you to get your data ready and accelerate your AI journey, get in touch. We’d love to talk to you.

Are you ready for AI?

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