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Are you ready for AI?

Building the right foundations to unlock its potential

At our next leadership breakfast, we’ll be hosting a panel discussion to look beyond the hype and uncertainty surrounding AI and exploring how it can help leaders and businesses to optimise, grow and unlock value.

The convergence of rapidly developing technologies like AI and blockchain is sparking a revolution, reshaping core business processes and keeping us in a continual state of transformation. At the same time, we’re all drowning in a cycle of hype and it’s hard to see a way through.

It’s causing leaders to ask questions like:

  • How do we unpack AI and what does it mean for our business? 

  • What’s needed to remain competitive and take advantage of new opportunities the technology unlocks?   

  • Our CEO or Board want us to start doing AI but where do we start?  How afraid should we be?


Our experience of working with organisations to tackle issues like these means we’re well placed to share the secret sauce behind leveraging your data to create opportunity, and embrace new technology in a way that amplifies value and advantage. Because the one thing you can’t afford to do with AI right now is ignore it.

Leading the panel will be our Director of Solutions, Hugh Simpson, who’ll share his experience of transforming global operations for organisations using AI and advanced data.

Our panel of experts will showcase real-world examples from their organisations including how they’re already harnessing scale, data, skills, and channel power to thrive in this new era.

  • Hugh Simpson, Director of Solutions at Transform 

  • Ange Johnson de Wet, Head of Engineering at NatWest 

  • Premal Desai, Head of Data & AI at The Gym Group

  • Richard Moore, Enterprise Analytics Leader at Anglian Water


In an open and transparent discussion (held under Chatham House rules) we’ll unpack how to align your business and data strategy, view your business as a platform, leverage new technology to create cognitive workflows and build humanity into your data and AI. 

If you’d like to be part of this transformational conversation, held at BFI Southbank, complete the form below. Spaces are limited but we'll do our best to find a space for you!

What: Are you ready for AI?


When: 5th July 2023 

Where: BFI, Southbank, London


Time: 08:45-10:45 (Panel discussion runs from 09:15-10:15) 

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Register your interest in joining our leadership breakfast on July 5th

Thanks for your interest, we'll do our best to secure a seat for you!


hugh simpson.png

Hugh Simpson

Director of Solutions



ange johnson de wet.jpg

Ange Johnson de Wet

Head of Engineering




premal desai original.png

Premal Desai

Head of Data & AI



The Gym Group

Richard Moore.png

Richard Moore

Enterprise Analytics Leader


Anglian Water

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So, are you ready for AI?

If you have any questions around our "Are you ready for AI?" event or around what we can do for organisations around AI, please contact us today!

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