Shared health data should be embraced not feared

Search for K17 on Google and you will find an eclectic set of results – a few nightclubs in Germany, an insulated plasterboard business and even a British submarine. What you will find much harder to discover is these seemingly innocuous characters were the basis of perhaps the greatest medical scandal of the 20th Century. […]

The rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is upon us. Or is it?

It’s a simple reality that too many boardrooms lack digitally savvy leadership. Our own research – DMI 2013: Creating True Customer Centred Services – certainly shows this and indeed we asked the question ‘How long until Chief Digital Officer, with a mandate to drive digital transformation, is a common title in organisational structures? This is […]

There’s more to beacons than push marketing

With beacons becoming a hot topic, we ran one of our “In the Spotlight” webinars on March 10th, to help cut through some of the substantial hype and to explain what role we think Transform can play in customer experience strategy. It turned out to be timely, as last week The Swan Centre in Eastleigh […]

Morrisons has launched its online grocery offer but is it too little, too late?

Each issue of Internet Retailing magazine features a Retail Review; a look at a chosen retailer’s overall strategy and how it embraces mobile, digital and in-store tech. As one of four regular reviewers, it’s my role to comment on the retail strategy of the organisation, providing insights and viewpoints on the retailer’s channel mix. This […]

NHS England publish the Digital First Pathology report

Digital First comes at a key time for the NHS, which treats around one million people every 36 hours. One quarter of the population (just over 15 million people) has a long-term condition such as diabetes, depression, dementia or high blood pressure – accounting for fifty per cent of all GP appointments and seventy per […]

Do mutuals offer a digital customer experience we can bank on?

The financial crisis has left its mark. As we approach April 5th and the end of the tax year, many of the nation’s savers will be looking to take advantage of tax-free ISA allowances. And with average cash ISA rates of just 1.64% other decision-making factors may come into play. More than 21m1 homes in […]


Last Thursday (6th February) Matt Watkinson, CX guru and award-winning author, joined Transform for a breakfast seminar where he challenged us and our guests to think differently about the experience we provide to our customers. We invited Engine’s content editor, Matt Williams, to share his thoughts on the event. Here’s what he took away from […]

Looking through the interactive window

Last year Tesco announced its use of digital in-store including interactive window displays featuring QR codes and augmented reality. We also saw eBay hooking up with Westfield through Connected Glass technology. And before that there was the Adidas NEO Label interactive digital window display in Nuremberg. There’s no escaping the fact that the shop window […]

CX breakfast event: The ten principles behind great customer experiences – are we all doomed?

In the New Year, Matt Watkinson, author of The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences will join us at a Transform business breakfast event to talk about his book. His book is concise, results focused and universally applicable; assisting business leaders looking to: Discover why the experience matters more than ever Identify common obstacles to making […]