What does a patient-centred health care system really look like?

How do you solve a problem like the NHS? Cherished yet assailed from all sides; a totemic symbol of social policy, yet lambasted for waste, inefficiency and failure. The institution famously described by Chancellor Nigel Lawson, as the closest thing to a national religion – that has brought our children safely into the world, cured […]

Google Glass: a lesson in rapid innovation and social acceptance

In this year’s digital maturity research (DMI 2014) it’s clear that more organisations are now embracing rapid innovation and adopting ‘fail fast’ approaches. But often the culture is out of sync with this ambition especially if the outcome doesn’t translate into success. Giving more room for internal and external parties to experiment with new products and […]

Digital by Default two years on: an opinion piece by Kathy Settle, GDS

Back in 2010, Martha Lane Fox was asked to oversee a strategic review of Directgov to recommend how the government could use the internet to communicate and interact better with citizens while also delivering significant efficiency savings. Transform supported the review by interviewing 50 leaders from business and public sectors to provide additional insights about […]

Transform’s ElasticSearch project: Eddie Abou-Jaoude offers a developer’s view

As one of Transform’s associate developers I was interested to see the role of development featuring more prominently in this year’s Digital Maturity Index (DMI 2014). The phrase ‘it’s the combination of code and coders that makes the connection between customer, device and organisation’ certainly struck a chord, and caused me to think about how […]

Service recovery and the customer experience

Over the five-year history of DMI (our annual digital maturity index) the most significant change has been an increased focus on the customer experience. However despite organisations now actively using tools and techniques to deliver an improved experience many still overestimate the quality of their CX. How a company responds to its customers when things go […]

Transformational people, transformational culture: an opinion piece by Dave Coplin, Microsoft

When interviewing 150 digital leaders for our annual digital maturity research (DMI 2014) we asked, “How much freedom do you give your frontline staff to solve customers problems?” The majority of respondents reported that they either give employees significant autonomy, but with no budgetary control (32%), or some autonomy with certain restrictions (35%). Only 9% stated […]

The power of language: Jonny Cavell offers a developer’s view

The digital leaders we spoke to for DMI 2014, Transform’s annual digital maturity index, reported a move towards using open APIs. Inviting alien developers into an organisation’s proprietary codebase to hack has moved from being bizarre to being leading-edge. Organisations are beginning to explore the benefits of working with the collective developer community and inviting external innovation […]

DMI 2014: It’s all about the digital ecosystem

Five years on, it’s no surprise that the digital landscape has moved on significantly since we first published our Digital Maturity Index (DMI) back in 2010. Today we’re delighted to be publishing our findings in DMI 2014 : The digital ecosystem of technology, channels, customers, strategy and culture and the insights in this year’s report […]

Open Government and using Github to give something back

“Open” and “Government” used to be two words that many people would be surprised to find in the same sentence, but things change., launched publicly in 2010, has made over 15,000 non-personal government data sets available to the public. Other organisations such as the Public Data Group have progressed things further. Similar initiatives can […]

How customer-centred are companies in the media industry?

Each year, Transform conducts research into the opinions of digital leaders around the broad subject of  digital maturity, combining their views with consumer insights, for our Digital Maturity Index or DMI report. The research has evolved over the years – from a report on how well companies manage their digital activities, through a focus on multi-channel maturity to […]